What springs into mind when you think about Siberia? snow? Gulag? wasteland? Scratch that. Siberia in the summer is a completely different experience.

I was in Varanasi, or Delhi, or Jaisalmer. "I can't believe they're playing Yehudit Ravitz!", was the first thought that occured to me when the song had started playing. And then my mind...

"So how's being back home? What are you up to?" Anyone who's ever embarked on a long journey can testify - You return somewhat different.

My feet hesitantly taste the chilled sand. The beach is completely deserted at this time of day. It's just me, the sand, the waves and the stars.

Mandrines are squeezed, horns are blown, chapattis are frying, betel nuts are chewed, fabrics are sold, chai is cooked, money is switching hands, prices are shouted and legs are marching determinedly.

'No seats', said the conductor. Since we could obviously see dozens of people standing in the crowded bus aisle, his declaration was a bit redundant.

You don't just travel in India. You breath it in.