At some point, the conversation topic became dancing. It all ended up with three Israelis dancing Resam Phiriri, and a bunch of Nepali teenagers dancing Macarena for the first time in their lives. Now that’s what I call cultural exchange.

What’s your name? Mero nam Tom ho. It means ‘innocence’ in Hebrew.
The gathering is having a dispersed-but-well-mannered discussion. At its conclusion I am named Asale, which means… innocence in Nepali. So… Mero nam Asale ho.

Red Planet Hotel. I go up the stairway after an exhausting eight-hour ride. I knock on their door, and being greeted by a lovely girl. Her name is Anna. They’re not here at the moment, Begam and Shaked. She’s Czech, she met them while trekking. I met them later that day, along with the rest of their trekking group – Czech Jan, Tomasz and George, and British Simon. They’re really nice, but I… Read More