Just imagine climbing a steep path in complete darkness while the terrain is slippery, because it’s full of snow and ice that hasn’t melted yet. I’ve never imagined it’s possible to be so cold. It’s literally freezing cold – my fingers are actually frozen, and frozen fingers is painful, apparently.

I’ve been walking in the rain for a few hours. Just before arriving in Timang (2700m) for lunch, the rain stops. Suddenly, the real, snowy mountains finally surround me.

Just before sunset, a snowy peak apperas above the horizon, peeking between the mountains. ‘Milan, which peak is it?’, we ask our Nepali porter. He looks back at us, wonder and amusement painted on his face and resembled in his voice – ‘That one? That thing? It doesn’t have a name, it’s only a small hill! no more than 3500m’.
Oh. That’s All.